Month: June 2011

Bay & Beltran End The Slam Drought

PRAISE THE LORD THE DROUGHT IS OVER!! I couldn’t believe Jason Bay of all people would be the one to do it – but these are the Mets so I guess it makes sense. The real improbable event was having Carlos Beltran hit his own slam an inning later! Last night was simply remarkable and it felt great to be a Mets fan last night. Watching the Mets have this offensive onslaught is just phenomenal. It couldn’t have come at a better time as well being they need to start putting some space between them and the .500 mark....

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Vote Jose Reyes NOW!!

I have no idea how Reyes is trailing in the All-Star Game standing, but that is a fact. Anyone and everyone that is a baseball fan should stop this malarkey and get to voting for Reyes RIGHT NOW! I’ve used all my email addresses, as well as those belonging to family and friends to get him the votes he deserves and it still looks like he is about 400,000 off. Of course the Rockies have to be making a push to keep Troy Tulowitzki in the top spot, but I know there’s more of us so please take a...

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I’m Diggin’ MLB Realignment

I’ve been reading about Major League Baseball considering a major realignment that would place 15 teams in each league, giving playoff spots to the best overall rather than the best per division. In my opinion, I think this is a great move and moves closer to how it used to be. I look at the AL East and think about how they’ve been dominating baseball for the past few years, yet only two of the three deserving teams get a chance at winning the series. How unfortunate is that? I probably shouldn’t care as much as I do, being...

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My Thoughts On “Kid”

I really don’t remember 1986 too well other than Dykstra’s homer to win game 3 of the NLCS against Houston. I was seven years old when that happened and I still feel like I’ve been waiting forever for the Mets to win a series I can actually remember and enjoy. But 1987 is another story. My parents took me to Shea for the first time and there was where I truly fell in love with baseball and the Mets. I remember walking around the uppers and seeing cardboard cutouts of Gary Carter and other players fans were taking pictures...

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