Month: February 2013

My 2012 Predictions Results–2013 Partial Predictions

Below I’ll post the predictions I made last year for the 2012 season and the results. C: Josh Thole – .285 – 3 HR – 67 RBI   — Actual 2012:  1 HR, .234 BA, 21 RBI — I was WAY off. 1B: Ike Davis – .288 – 34 HR – 118 RBI — Actual 2012: 32 HR, .227 BA, 90 RBI — Eh. Not bad. 2B: Daniel Murphy – .324 – 8 HR – 90 RBI — Actual 2012: 6 HR, .291 BA, 65 RBI — I don’t know why I wrote that. 3B: David Wright – .308 – 31...

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Pilgrimage To Port St. Lucie

There is nothing quite like waking up before the sun rises on a February morning and knowing that you will see baseball before the day is through. The first day of the calendar year that actual baseball is played and observed is like none other. That day for me was last Saturday. After two consecutive days of rain outs ruining my baseball plans, Saturday was filled with even more heightened anticipation. I set out before the crack of dawn for a long drive to Port St. Lucie. When I arrived, fans were not yet being let into the facility....

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The Transition Year.

Every year when Spring Training rolls around we see a wave of articles written by beat writers, bloggers, and fans alike about the upcoming Mets season. When I came to write my very own thoughts down the first title I thought of was: “Hope Springs Eternal.” I gave it a few seconds and realized how cliche it sounded– so I decided to google it followed by the word “mets.” The results were just what I expected them to be. So what is the point in writing about something that others have already written about? This year is different. This year...

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