Author: Freddy Vasquez

Tears of Joy: 2015 New York Mets

Last year around this time we were all wondering what could have been. Misplayed fly balls. Ground ball under a glove. Pitcher left in one batter too long. A bad throw to home plate. All were parts of a recipe that allowed a team trailing in every game of the 2015 World Series to come away the victor. Even though the New York Mets lost the World Series, 2015 was full of some pretty emotional hills and valleys that I happened to relive a couple of days ago by watching Tears of Joy. With the promise of 2017 on...

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The NY Mets Best Last Best Plane Ride Ever

Released five days ago to the masses was an animated short about the flight from Houston to New York after the 1986 NLCS. The Mets were victorious and the party that ensued in the friendly skies has been part of Mets lore for the past three decades. This film recreates the Mets’ infamous postgame celebration, from champagne in the jacuzzi to the destruction of a perfectly good Ozark Airlines DC-10. Starring the voices of Lenny Dykstra, Dwight Gooden, Kevin Mitchell, and Darryl Strawberry. WARNING! This video is not safe for...

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For the Mets, There is Only Next Year…Again

Noah Syndergaard pitched a gem last night. There is nothing more any Mets fan could have asked for. Bumgarner was able to keep his pitch count low, and that was the only difference. He only needed 21 pitches to get through the first three innings – simply remarkable. Though it’s easy to sit there and give Bumgarner all the credit in the world for finishing off the game, Syndergaard was pretty damn great himself: Another season has come and gone, and even though the Mets were playing with house money, the pain of losing two years in a row...

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Terry Collins Heated Rant May Be Too Little, Too Late

Terry Collins’ post game interview today was quick, raw, and to the point. This after another brutal loss suffered by the Mets at the hands of the sub .500 Arizona Diamondbacks – which also completed the series sweep. Collins’ words may be just as empty as the Mets offense. Though he was at the helm of the Mets’ miracle run to the World Series last year, in New York it’s what have you done for me lately, and there’s not a whole lot happening in Queens. Along with brutal losses you will find Terry’s managing come into question, which...

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Mike Piazza Talks About His Connection with Mets Fans

Mike Piazza loves Mets fans. It was a part of his hall of fame speech, and was relevant last night at Citi Field during his number retirement speech. But when he spoke to the media, he gave us a bit more to chew on when it came to why he feels so connected to the blue and orange faithful. I think [it] defies any explanation the way they’ve embraced me and my family. It’s so heartfelt. Piazza also added a bit about his team selection on his hall of fame plaque: Naturally when I was voted in really, I...

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