Author: Susana Crespo

No Need To Rush A Shortstop Trade

Everyone needs to relax and calm down about the mets not making any moves during the Winter Meetings for a shortstop. The asking price is too high for the players currently available and overpaying for what you already have in Wilmer Flores would be...

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Take ‘Em Or Leave ‘Em? Near The Halfway Point

Let’s take a look at the current 25 man roster the Mets are trotting out there and decide if they should be back next season or not. We will have two options: “25 man” or “organizational depth.” Obviously this is based on first-half performance. We will come back to this list after the last regular-season game of the 2013 season and reevaluate our decisions. Infield C: John Buck; .271/.382/.653 – I would say Organizational Depth – but Buck is not signing a minor league deal with the Mets. He’s a starter for someone, somewhere. After his off the charts...

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Sandy Needs To Shake Up The Roster

A lot has been debated about what should be done with the Mets roster since Omar Minaya was fired and Sandy Alderson took over as the GM. Some wanted a complete rebuild, trade everyone, including David Wright, and start from scratch. Others wanted a partial rebuild, keeping the bigger pieces like Wright and Niese, but making moves to improve the roster without giving up top prospects and draft picks. The Mets, in my opinion, went the “partial rebuild” mode– but haven’t done enough to solidify the lineup and the bullpen via trades and free-agency. Coming into the 2013 season after...

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Take It Easy On Jordany Valdespin

If you’re a part of what we call “#MetsTwitter,” you understand the cult figure that Jordany Valdespin has become amongst the fan base. Dating back to his minor league career, rumors of his antics have been widely spread by beat writers, former teammates, and anonymously– current teammates. The public witnessed these antics when Jordany infamously posted a picture on his Instagram account wearing a Miami Marlins cap. He’s posted numerous pictures modeling his outfits and his cars. He’s even posted shirtless pictures, with one picture in particular causing a stir because he was wearing nothing but a towel laying...

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A Letter To The 2013 Mets

Dear 2013 Mets team, Hello. My name is Susana and I’m a huge Mets fan. I eat, sleep, and breathe Mets baseball. I follow every type of player on the roster– from the unknown minor leaguer to the top prospect, and from the low-key signee to the extended superstar. I root for you all equally and I have faith that you will all become the best players you can be. Duda, us fans believe in you. We echo the sentiments of various teammates and coaches that you have superhuman power potential. Believe in yourself. D-Wright, we absolutely love you,...

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